Erica's beauty is in her ability to intuit your needs and gently direct you toward greater self-awareness and personal truth. She is a healer, though possessed of none of the cliche characteristics that word can invoke: a soft, feminine and modern woman, as much a friend as a guide capable of reintroducing us to the parts of ourselves we keep hidden.

Sarina Lewis



Hello Erica I wanted to thank you for all your healing love, support and compassion you offer both me and my children and share with you what we have achieved through your healings. Each time my children 9 & 4 feel a shift that needs addressing they ask me to make an appointment with you. This is very telling given that my children are very guarded about who they surrender to.  Watching them interact is such a joy for me as now they are connected, engaged and share their love for each other in a very reverent way. You have helped me transcend some really difficult life lessons with ease. We feel so supported and loved by you in your healings and I feel that your commitment to addressing the core of the issue is what makes your healings different to most, as real and enduring changes to our lives is always achieved.  We are blessed to know you and I thank you from the depths of my heart.

In Joy

Carmen Smith



Thank you Erica so much! I have finally been able to make a decision and feel at peace with knowing it is right for me. I don't feel like I'm going to fall off a precipice and die. It's been huge and I'm very grateful for your help. Your work is deep and profound, you bring so much love into the process, thank you.




Erica Morris has to be one of the most inspirational, gifted and gentle healers that I know. I have experienced healings with this Goddess and I have been left with such a feeling of peace, support and love. She has supported me in my transformational journey and without her support, I would not have been able to let go of some of the baggage that was part of my journey. For a transformational experience with a gifted gentle woman - give Erica Morris a call.

Candy Alexander.



Erica has the ability to bring you into alignment with your spiritual self in such a powerful way that you can feel the resistance and conflict subside very quickly. The loving insight she has is very powerful and strengthens you at a very deep level.

Karl Camden-Burch.



Hi Erica, just wanted to send you a quick message about the experience I had with your soul singing at the Sacred Goddess Retreat. I'm very new to a lot of the things we experienced on the weekend but your soul singing had the biggest impact on me. I have long term neck/back condition, which had been particularly bad over the previous 12 months with no more than two weeks pain free at a time. I was in pain at the retreat but was just pushing through it as I normally do, but when you did your soul singing a strange thing happened. Whilst I listened I was extremely relaxed and behind my closed eyelids my vision ranged from black to bright colours (like those associated with the chakra system) which started as pin pricks and opened out wards into bold splashes of colour similar to a kaleidoscope. When you finished and I opened my eyes, neck pain was more intense and had spread to both sides of my neck (previously was only on right side) but very shorty afterwards, within about 1/2 hour my pain was totally gone. The most amazing thing to me is I haven't had neck pain since. I don't expect it to be a permanent thing but I really believe that your singing definitely had a healing effect on me. Thank you so much. Hope you have a safe and happy new year.

Trish Wilson



I'm STILL feeling the power of your Soul Song on Sunday. It literally pulled the pain from my groin and knee, right out through my foot and disappeared. It has not come back either, even after a long drive home - sitting for long periods is a killer usually.

Lyn Bowker 



The experience was inspirational, the connection to spirit was powerful and exhilarating. The relationship Erica has to spirit, is wonderful, it allows great learning for anyone who attends her sessions. 

Mary Holley 



Insightful, intuitive, generous and fun. Erica allows and creates a space for self to connect with self, with unconditional love and integrity. Her heart space is gorgeous and unique, definately from the light.

Mark Luke



The initial meditation enabled me to relax into my inner knowing and access the connection with my spirit guide with ease. The atmosphere was lovely and Erica's presence was calming, loving and very accepting. She was able to hold space for all of us to unfold, trust and allow creativity to flow. A very pleasant experience with beautiful souls. A safe and loving space.

Jessica Cluttone



Fabulous and enriching, so surprising for me who "I cant draw or paint" to turn out a surprising connection and work of art. Loved the process!




Erica's beautiful energy and enthusiasm made this spirit drawing class wonderful. Loved every minute and really found her suggestions and demonstration of techniques so helpful, thank you amazing Erica.

Rhonda Briscoe 



Erica is an amazing gifted healer and meditation teacher. Erica has a direct connection with spirit and provides amazing insight into issues providing clarity and facilitates instant healing. I have experienced several readings and healings with Erica and am always deeply grateful for the clarity she brings and results achieved. I have become a regular of Erica's meditation sessions as it is a wonderful deep and healing experience every time, her ability to hold the energy for the class is incredible. Erica is truly inspirational and an angel on this earth.
Trish Humphries