Soul Song Kinetics


Soul Song kineticsis a universal light language that communicates with your soul also known as Soul Song. Erica intuitively uses vocal sound to help fast track healing, transformation and awakening to those who need it. Soul Song Kineticshelps you come home to yourself. Awakening to new levels of awareness.


During your Soul Song Kineticshealing Erica will use kinetic flow techniques to help release emotional blocks, patterns and behaviours that no longer serve your highest good.


A healing helps bring you into balance and flow so you can move forward more grounded, even at times of change.


During a healing tools may be provided to help you move forward.


These sessions are great if you are needing some time out, help to let go. Or if you are on a self-awareness journey or just needing support.


Erica may also use crystal singing bowl, essential oils and crystals during a healing.


Duration 1 hour

Adult healing $150

In person/distance and skype


Child healing


In person/distance