Soul Song Kinetics training, level I

Soul Song Kinetics training, level I

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Soul Song Kinetics Level I 

Heal thyself


Soul Soul kinetics™? training level l

Heal thyself.

Imagine being able to heal yourself simply by using your own voice. Did you know that we have every note, sound, tone, pitch etc within us that we need to heal ourselves?

Soul Song kinetics™? is a universal light language that speak directly with your soul. Fast tracking healing, transformation and awakening, using vocal sound, words and kinetic flow techniques (Kinetic flow techniques are taught in level two).

Imagine if you were feeling out of balance or stressed and by simply practicing the healing art of Soul Soul kinetics™? on yourself you could find your centre again. If you were feeling anxious you could calm yourself down by tuning into yourself and using Soul Song.


Soul Soul kinetics™? helps you awaken to new levels of self awareness.

Soul Soul kinetics™? can be used as a daily practice to heal and connect with yourself. Or use as your intuitively guided.

Over the two days of Heal thy self


Receive a Light code activation to connect and awaken to your own soul song (group healing)

Learn how to create sacred space for self- healing, transformation and awakening.

Working with sacred geometry flower of life.

Accessing your sound room.

Releasing the voice from restrictions, limitations.

Working through the chakras using Soul Soul kinetics™? for self-healing, balance and clearing.

Awaken to your own expression.

Working through fear of being heard.
Gain a clearer understanding of light language
There will be plenty of opportunities to practice Soul Soul kinetics™? over the two days.

This workshop is designed to get you out of your comfort zone, connect you with Soul Soul kinetics™? healing energy and teach you how to heal yourself.

We will work through blockages that may arise over the weekend. And help you bring out your own authentic sound. This 2 day workshop is not only healing it awakening, empowering and will help you gain more confidence in yourself.

Are you ready to heal thy self?

Are you ready to transform your life?
Are you ready to reclaim your voice?

Are you ready to reclaim your power?
Are you ready to support yourself in new ways?

Are you ready to awaken to the healing power of Soul Soul kinetics™??

Are you intrigued about light language and would like to access it?

If you said yes to any of the above. Come and join us for an amazing two days of learning Soul Soul kinetics™? level one, heal thy self.

Two day workshop

Level two is practitioner training designed for those wishing to use Soul Soul kinetics™? to help others heal.

Can be used on its own or in conjunction with other healing modalities. Prerequisite: successful completion of Soul Soul kinetics™? level l.


Level ll practitioner training is currently being updated, information will be available soon.