Sensitive Souls

Sensitive Souls

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A workshop designed to support sensitive souls.

Come and join me for a one day workshop created for sensitive souls. Taking you on a healing journey to delve within yourself and help you heal and accept any aspects of yourself, you have hidden due to being sensitive. Learn techniques to clear your energy and protect it from taking on board other peoples stuff.


When you are a sensitive you can easily pick up on other peoples emotions, moods, illness etc. It can be incredibly intense at times particularly if you’ve picked up on some ones panic attack, is a great example and you feel like your having it yourself. In this workshop you will learn techniques to help you let other peoples stuff go.


Through a healing journey your energy field will be realigned and repaired, this helps with recognizing where your energy field ends and another’s starts. Learn how to strengthen your aura so you feel more in charge of how your feeling and don’t get pushed around by others.

Discover the importance of boundaries in relationships, diet and really being aware of your surroundings and what your feelings are telling you. Be supported by getting you present into your body and stay grounded for better clarity through easy processes.


A full day of healing and discovery to help you better understand your gift of sensitivity and use it to help you in your everyday life.


Come and join us on Sunday 16th February, 10am to 5pm, Le Studio Art Space, 24 Crown avenue, Mordialloc, 3195.