Healing Art-Crystal Atlantis

Healing Art-Crystal Atlantis

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A workshop designed to help you tap into your creativity, intuition and crystal wisdom.

No experience is necessary.


Come and join us for a 3 hour healing art workshop. Erica will guide you through a meditation to explore Ancient Atlantis, a place where crystals were used to heal, accelerate your personal growth and see into current situations and the future.


You will discover which crystal and its deva is working with you at present and how to work with the crystal.


Then be taken through a step by step painting process to learn how to paint the essence of the crystal and the deva on a canvas. Through this process you will gain insight in how this crystal is helping you and will continue to into the future.


No experience is necessary as you will be guided every step of the way.


This workshop helps get you in your creative flow, using your intuition and connecting with crystal wisdom to help you in what way is needed for now and beyond.


Crystal energy helps us heal, balance and gain wisdom to help us in our everyday life. They are great at helping you get out of stuckness, limitations, restrictions and finding a new way that honours you. Opening you up to greater awareness including your intuition.


Erica is an Intuitive healer, Psychic, Spiritual teacher and Artist combining her skills and gifts to bring about a powerful workshop. This workshop will open you up to new levels of awareness and help you gain clarity.


Come and join us for an playful, joyful, insightful and creative healing experience.


Sunday 15th October, 2pm to 5pm

Le studio art space, 24 Crown avenue, Mordialloc.

$110.00 per person all materials included.