Soul Reading


Soul Readings  

Erica brings through messages from Divine source to support and help you heal and move forward. Your reading may include current, past or even future information. A reading helps you recognize and release any roadblocks that may be getting in your way and preventing you from attaining what you would like in your life. 


It can cover guidance on relationships, your lessons, how to break old patterns, habits and let them go, what is coming up for you etc. You may be provided with tools to support and help you now and after your reading. Readings with Erica are of a healing nature to help you move forward in positve ways.


What is the difference between a Soul reading and a Intuitive Healing? A Soul reading are messages from Divine Source. Intuitive Healing uses a universal healing energy to bring you back into balance and helps shift blocks in your energy. Some messages are also given in a Intuitive healing session. If you are tossing up between the two Erica recommends going with an Intuitive healing as this helps get you back into alignment so it is easier for you to function in your day to day life. 


Duration 1 hour


Available: In person, Skype and phone.