Intuitive Healing


Intuitive healing sessions help you get into your flow. Releasing blocked unresolved emotions from your past or even current situations to help you heal and move forward. When situations arise and are not dealt with, similar situations can play out over and over again to give you the opportunity to face them, heal, grow and move on. If emotions are not dealt with, blocks can occur in your energy field and eventually making its way into your physical template showing as physical aliments. This is your bodies way of letting you know something needs to be addressed and change is required.


Intuitive healing is designed to go right to the core of were a situation was first created. This may be current life or even go back into a past life. This brings about great healing, transformation and understanding for you to release, grow and move forward.


Each healing session is personal and no two healings are a like. I tune in and communicate with your higher self and divine source.  Providing you with messages and tools to help with moving forward.


Intuitive healing is limitless, this means it can cover many different areas of life to help balance and support you on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.


During a session I may use a combination of intuitive healing, reiki, crystal light healing, soul song, essential oils and crystals. Depending on what is required at the time to best serve you.



Session durations:1 hour                       


Sessions are available: One on one, Distance and Skype. 


Adults $150.00

Children $100.00


Adult and Children sessions are now also available in the art studio, where art is combined in the session to support the  healing. Please specify what type of session you would like at time of booking.