Commissioned Art

Erica has grown up with arts and crafts, in her early twenties she took an interest in folk art painting on wood and making collector teddy bears. It wasnt until Erica's early thirties she took to painting on canvas, which she soon discovered she loved and it felt very natural to her. She started participating in a few art classes however decided to leave the classroom and discover her own style. Asking Divine Source (spirit) to work with her and assist.


Erica combines her gifts as an Artist, Intuitive healer and Psychic to create each painting. Her paintings bring about great healing, transformation and awakening. Great for individuals, families and even your work spaces. Erica's artwork can be found in many homes throughout Australia. Her artwork has been exhibited in the "Brushes with life" exhibition in Olinda and the Birregurra arts festival.


If you would like Erica to create a painting. Please contact her on 0430 119 801 or you can send an email to