Conscious Healing art

Is a powerful tool that brings about great healing, transformation and awakening. Helping you connect with aspects of yourself and establish a better relationship. Working on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level to bring about positive change, creating a peaceful inner world to bring about a peaceful outer world.


Conscious healing art helps clear emotional blocks, giving you insights and understanding through your six senses to support and help you let go and move forward. As you awaken to a new level of understanding a whole new world of opportunities open up.


Conscious healing art nourishes and soothes the soul, bringing you back home to self and remembering you are one with the universe.


~Erica Morris



Aspect art range 

Created in sacred space, in sacred ceremony along with healing energy and soul song to bring the canvas alive with healing energy to help you awaken to beautiful aspects of yourself and your life. That you would like to embrace more.


Each painting is intuitively created with intention to be for the highest good of its owner and the highest good of all. Each piece comes with it own personal message to support its owner, in a scroll.


You can purchase one from the selection below or have a piece intuitively created for you to meet your individual needs. Please contact me for more details and to order your channelled piece today.






Angel Healing & Protection



Pleiadian Light codes



Family Awakening

Love series






Creative love



Self Love



Self Expression




Divine Goddess - SOLD